Again, the first game is the object we can interact with much more in this game. With these objects, of course, we can open our own way and try to solve puzzle sequences. As I mentioned above in the game, our main aim is to complete the discovery of these structures by entering different structures and after completing the discovery of these structures, return to our main base and assess events. We constantly find ourselves in this cycle in the game and at the end we can see what is happening by finishing the game.

we can see the location we will go in the game firstly with our telescope, then we are able to switch by opening our map. There are certain main points and main structures in the game. We can enter these structures, discover structures and solve puzzles located in the structures. There are various objects that we can collect in these main structures in the game. These objects include logs, a shining strange object and energy core. We are able to collect these three elements in the game. We do not neglect to collect these three main elements when we go to each main region.

Puzzle parts are also easy part of the work.

In the game, of course, we offer a story in the background but this story is not satisfied with my angle. Do not expect mechanicals such as story presentation and apartment. There is no talk on the interval scenes that come against you in the game, and these interval scenes are often in the form of the camera to go left to the right. There’s no interval scene outside these sequences in the game, there’s just a camera angle showing the right of that structure.

Fortunate in the first game on the story, it’s actually in the second game. That’s not a lot of changes. If you need story presentation or storytelling, we are going to be quite weak. I have already entered the game without any expectations because it is an independent construction. So I looked at enjoying and I recommend you enter this game in this way.

Play the game without your expector