A short workout in the first place is that it is going to the training process and we can learn which is the basic mechanicals in this section. Where we start here, we can walk through the piano keys and switch to the first exercise by opening the door of the castle at the point where we came. At this point, we meet a mechanical we need to print together with certain keys and keep it accurate to timing, and here we can see the first crumbs of the rhythm-based system. We also have different keys to print. The keys you press here may appear differently and may vary depending on the controller you use. So my counter was the first step in the F key with left guiding and upper guiding keys output. So I encountered 3 different routing systems with these keys, and at this point I started to flow a rhythm chart that I need to press the keys correctly.

At this point, of course, your reflexes and hand-eye coordination are very important. Every move you do in these style rhythm-based games and the reflex you give is quite humble. Because in some cases when passing here, we can encounter a table that is faster flowing, and at the same time we are able to rise even more in the score table here. Apart from this, we can say that there are not only the mechanicals we have to print on keys but also different in-game systems here. Indeed, there is a space that we can take a variety of laser rays to our counter, and we try to hit the elements that come to us as we want to choose a ball of them, so we start to deliver a energy system to the highest level. So in the game we can talk about these kind of engaging mechanicals and different in-game systems that you never see before.

A castle and fun mini games on the clouds

In the meantime, we can meet the same mechanicals, but we can get together with different mechanicals. For example, in the first place in the game, you can see that the boxes are met, and these boxes are removed with our character and throw it right to the right, so you can open our way. So we are able to join the adventure of a journey on this style details and clouds that are really interesting in the search parts of the game. There are interesting characters, attractions and regions in the game. Thus, we are able to find ourselves on a piano stones that go forever. While running on these piano stones, of course you can hear that different songs are played in the background and this really adds a nice variety to the game.

There are dozens of different mini games in the game, and with these mini games, you can feel that you do something different during the time you get in the game. As I mentioned above, the beam contains a wide range of content from the laser balls to the box removal, and when doing them, we can of course hit the bottom of the entertainment. Apart from that, we encounter different mechanicals while moving in the game, of course, call the door of a beautiful experience for gamers. Because in the game we can constantly realize that we do the same things, and that’s what we expect in the process that we wonder in the process that we’re going to us, and that’s why I wake up the sense of curiosity.

The moments you need to print on the right keys in the game is not only right but you can immediately find yourself on a way that you are immersed in the different regions and you can encounter a different mechanical in every part you log in. You can still hit the balloons flying to the left right here except I mentioned above, and you can also fulfill the rhythm requirements accurately by patting them. This type of game is really interesting and you can also get your place in the game.

New content and continuous changing mechanics

</ Levels in the game are offered a completely free structure to explore different points of the castle between sections, and you can explore the right as you like here. You can of course have different objects and customization options. You can experience new content here. This is one of the nice additions that the developer team really adds to the game.

As I mentioned the game, you can play both single-player and online as a collaboration and also get your place here with 4 players. Of course, this style games allow you to play together with friends much more beautiful and fun experience to offer us so we try to bring ourselves to a master position while you are door with other friends. Online tables are included in the game and in these tables, of course, we aim to find our own rhythm and exit the top rows among players.

Both single and online fighter structure: Support up to 4 people

On the other hand, there is another feature that we should highlight here, we can walk freely between the levels as we mentioned above, and at the same time we are able to switch it again as we wish in these levels. Here are different rhythm elements from metal music to pop music, namely songs are waiting for us and we can continue to enjoy here as we wish. At the same time, you are able to switch to the desired jealous, play the song again and fight to get the best score here with friends. So with your friends, here is actually able to switch to a challenge job, and you can grab yourself from ritme here.

You can do in the game, of course, blends together with puzzle contents, and you can encounter different content and puzzles in each section. So you can find what you should do in the game by walking around and looking at the instructions, so you can get to your place here with these puzzle contents based on rhythm. A structure that is already blended by puzzle and rhythm on the basis of the game is transferred to us and we try to advance in the game with such contents and achieve high score.

Steam page

<b/b/b/b/b At the same time in the game we are waiting for us a world filled with both rhythm-based and music content and puzzles. The game of course fills the eyes together with collaborative contents and also unlocks a much more fun structure to play with friends. This construction that we can play in your leisure time and hit the bottom of the entertainment comes together with different playlists and we can see that a remarkable structure is transferred to us. If you like this style of rhythm-based games, surely this game can take a look and give you a chance. On Steam page you can say that it is selling from 310 Turkish liras with a discount of 10 percent, and we can also transfer it from a demo version on Steam page again.

Before buying the game, of course, with the demo version, you can play a part of the game for free, and you can experience the parts I mentioned above in person, so you can understand how the game has a structure. So I can expect you to play this demo version before buying the game.

Game fragman



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