If we look at the resulting images, of course, fighting mechanics are quite old and bulky. There is also a secret that we combine with Rick character here. Here we can see that zombies are around and are quite dense in zombie groups. At the same time we can see that the animations here and the scenes that the zombies bite us are really badly transferred. Here we can see that mechanicals work quite bad and plenty of in-game errors are going out, and we can say that it is in the middle of a structure from the run to offer a mobile experience in the same way.

Of course the expectations of this construction, which was quite wide of the audience. We have seen many play trailers and promotional trailers in the past process. Here, a high level of structure was promised to be transferred to us. But at the point where we came, the images of the newly revealed gameplay are really far from those words. You can find the shared play videos in this news and watch them as you like. There is a short section that also shows the intermediate scenes of the game except for the video of the game. We are able to see that these inter-stages are really bad, and the characters are not moving here, only the action that will do instantly is present to us.

As you can see below, we are able to tell you that the resulting interval scenes are really in a non-skilled structure. Here we can transfer that the characters are not moving, only the animations remain fixed while performing certain actions. In the same way, the speech of the characters is transferred to us, but we can easily verify and tell that any oral movement and animation are not presented to us. Here are those images that appear and intermediate stage contents that are truly hosted by players in a structure located in the room of criticisms. Currently, there is also a lot of criticism on Twitter or other social media apps.

The Walking Dead: Search scenes of Destinies game also this way.pic.twitter.com/579xMQhigY

—Part End Monster (@Bsclive) November 19, 2023

If we will talk about a bit of the game

If we look at the basic and background story of the game, we are preparing to go together with the story of the standard directory as we call above. We can tell you that this story will change the place. As we open in the past news, we can see that the main characters in the game have changed, and with the selections we made, we are able to see the location of this master character. So if you don’t want the main character to be Rick in the game, you can combine and eliminate Rick character within the story weave.

In short, there is a loop that we can combine with different characters in the content of the game, and the selections we will do here are quite important. In this context, each player receives a different experience here.

Apart from this, we are inspired by the array content as the story weave in the game and we start playing together with the Rick character in a hospital where dead is desired. With this character that fits alone here, you can combine it in the first place, collect all your allies and try to take our place here in the world after jealousy that walks.

Near and range martial contents include

In the game, there is an important decision moments in critical scenes and a structure that comes together with us, and we can tell here that a team of characters in the array are presented to us. In this construction, which includes ecological characters, of course, the details that the fans will attract interest, and here we can shoot our weapons against zombies, or by entering the nearby fight, we can also eliminate the enemies here with our stick, sword and other elements.

During the game, guns, rifles, panbals and more are included in the nearby martial weapons, sticks, swords and more. With the third-party camera view angle in the game, we can see our characters in full, and together with this camera perspective. Based on the developer team mentioned, we are transferring 13 memorable characters in the game, and we are able to set up a team that belongs to ourselves as we wish. At the same time, we are trying to survive with this team and we can raise the skills of weapons and characters in our team in this context.

At the same time, resources can be collected, and with these resources, we can develop and raise our weapons and increase the skills of our characters. This is a stronger team offering us.

Steam page

It can mention that there are limited resources in the game, and this limited resources are of course very important to use administrative. As we mentioned above, you can continuously collect resources and skip these resources into your inventory. There are different sections in the game and the story weaves together with the new characters in this construction you can encounter and also try to dry and protect your own area here. The game is asked to be transferred to us with a completely single-player structure and does not host any online multiplayer structure. At the same time, only English language support is preparing for exit and currently playing We can also mention that Steam is open.

If you like the Walking Dead universe and want to place this type of game, you can browse this game and experience it for a while. The game is expected to output at a price of 50 dollars as specified in advance at the moment. As we mentioned above the game, we can tell us that on December 1, and in this context, we are starting to take the games from Steam as of November 20. So we are able to get this game together with the dollar dry.

Finally, if I’m going to transfer my personal comments, the game really looks like a game prepared to output on mobile devices. Thus, it is clearly seen here as you can see from the videos of the game published and revealed in this context, where the character enters at once, where various problems and animations are fully processed. Obviously, I really have any expectations from the game. We do not say that this game will surely achieve success. But no matter what admires many elements are stretching and giving you a chance to this game.

Announcement fragman



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