</ In the game where we can jump to the scales and switch to different regions, each region has its own style and atmosphere. For example, in the game you are able to switch towards a forest, and you can see that weed in them, mushrooms and flowers are really huge. Thus, the advantages of being small in the game can be really big. Because the atmosphere finally goes very well, and in terms of the atmosphere and in terms of the environment, the game gives us a unique experience. Of course, as I mentioned above, I really like this style games and play really enjoyable. But maybe you can’t like this type of games and you can’t really get interesting in the environment. This type of comments are completely personalized.

The story may perhaps not come interesting

As I mentioned less, the story in the background is presented together with environmental elements. What does it mean. The story that is located in the game is scattered into the environment and we can learn about the story by researching the environment. We are able to access the content of more stories, of course, and we can see that new details are met. Here you can explore the right solu, discover new details and secrets, and we try to learn what we are foreign. Of course, the story in the background doesn’t even mention anything for most players. Because you know that in these styles games, rather than the story that is located in the background, the dynamics of the game and the elements of survival are quite ahead. Now you can encounter the elements of survival when you log in to the game and the story is really in the background. Of course, the story is beautiful and interesting, it can be one of the details that deepen them in the game. However, I don’t think that any player will have a serusion that does not have any reason. Of course, I can say that this person changes to person.

10l is offered to support

<b='b='http://img. As I mentioned above, if you want to do in the construction, you can play in a very multiplayer way and say that up to 10 players the game offers support. Up to 10 people, it really shows us that a large community will be included in the game and with this community you can create a large group and start your journey. In addition, there is a lot of content that can really be done with these sizes in the game, and you need to be aware that you can really consume the content quickly in a adventure that you will be thrown together with 10 players. But since we have a small structure, of course, each detail comes hugely to us, and in this context, we can tell you that the game can save itself. Apart from that, of course, you can remember a great adventure with your friends and explore it as you want around and you really need to adjust your group of nutrition events. Of course, you can adjust the number of groups according to yourself and make your plan and project accordingly. You can camp to the desired area, you can secure yourself in these and set a large environment in the parts you cut into your eye. This shows variableity depending on your selections in your game, and in the game, indeed a large freedom in this style is offered to us. I’m already going to be in this way that we want in such games, and I’m able to do our own plans accordingly.

The story is blended with the environment

As I mentioned in the game again, different regions are waiting for us, and in these different regions, it is really interesting structures are transferred to us, and in this context, we’re seeing these. If we look at the early access content offered by the developer team and published trailers, or even on Steam, here are huge skyscrapers, climbing giant trees, and in caves with roads, we can also encounter. Nevertheless, it is possible to encounter lakes, rivers and shallow areas, and the regions in this world are really interested in. Of course, these types of constructions are located here as the parts we see in nature and real life, and because we have a small character of this place, these come to us in a huge way, and the interesting elements in these are really very important for gamers. From dangerous swamps you can explore around these places where there are many different parts from the ruins, research in these places and try to find our own way in the background story. As I mentioned above, the story in the background is transferred together with the elements of discovery. So it’s not transferred to us with any interface or cinematic. Apart from this, we can experience the story with notes or environmental elements we found around. So we can already research both around and clearly understand what’s going on in this world.

Evcilization mechanics include

<br/ In the game you can not only eat you, but also have pets as I mentioned in the search, so you can get out of various living creatures. These creatures are not always included in the enemy, some of these creatures can be peted in the way you want, and the petization venue is really covered in the game. If you like this mechanically, you can get together with passenger animals, you can accompany flying animals. So if you want to land in the game, you can find it from the air and by flying, and you can pet these animals as you like. Of course, I can’t know how the pet works at the moment, and when a pet gets peted in the game, it’s lifelong as your animal. So you will see when you experience it in the game. However, we can say that such a mechanic is located in the game. Of course, this mechanical is really among the elements that change the course and game coverage. Because it’s really the indicator that we’re going to go somewhere from one place and pass to different regions. As such, this mechanically, it is quite joyful, and in this context, we can further progress.Perhaps the attractive parts of the story are transferred to us with these thousand animals, and in the context we investigate, we are able to exit both skyscrapers and trees along with these animals. With this mechanical, of course, we can go quickly to where we will go, and thus save the power of our character.

Apart from this, we expect a structure that you are familiar with the time we take in this world and other survival games. Of course there is a space to combine things here and reveal new recipes. With these recipes, we can access different content as we want and encounter new content and mechanics. At the same time, we are able to switch to different ways and get the elements that will benefit ourselves to your hand. On the other hand, on the other hand, you can find in this world as you want, and you can search them as you like. A truly comprehensive structure is transferred to us in the game where you can hide animals, keep your character alive, and accurately convey to different regions and have a long time in this comprehensive structure. As I mentioned above, you can find a single player in the game, or you can get here with your friend with multiplayer. This is completely variable depending on your preference and you can build together with your friends and fight with enemies and try to survive as a team. Of course, the number of teams increases the needs of the characters as much as, and the resources you collect need to be two times that you can survive in this way.

The action side is offered to us within the game to be transferred to us. The action side can perhaps be found among the weak remaining elements, but you can still get it covered with huge spiders, insects and more. In this context, you can take different weapons to your hand, light your front with torches and eliminate these animals and enemies with the pointed objects you get to. Of course, there are different talents that you can perform with your character here, and you can quickly overcome with your character, when a spider attacks you, you can roll it in place to stretch his attack and more here. So you can develop various tactics such as attack and defense in the game. So you can control both your character and eliminate enemies with teamwork. However, you can survive this way and eliminate enemies with minimal damage.So you know how much damage you have in such games, so you can lose your character, and in this context, you can also face the situation of losing your excess.

From the other hand you need to collect resources around the time you get in the game, and you need to dispose of the leaves, fine branches and solid stones around to build a camp area belonging to yourself. With these structures, you can build different buildings and set up our own residential area. In the game you can build a wide range of structures from houses to sheltered fences and make yourself protected. Of course you know in such games, the most important element of survival is to build a territory of yourself, because the buildings that you do against the dangers from the outside protect you, and you can also ensure your own safety. In addition, there are both night and day cycles in the game. Day of course can be brighter and intimidating at night. Thus, these types of camping areas are very important to adapt both at night and make yourself protected. Here you can set up camping space where you want and even build these structures even on the top of the tree and make yourself safer. Of course you can install and place different sources as I mentioned above.

Steam page

<img src=" In general, the game gives us the classic survival experience, but with new content, we aim to transfer a different structure. The world in which we take part in the game is presented hugely to us and we are in miniature in this world and try to hit the bottom of life. The game is currently in the early access version, and after the early access version, the game is waiting for the full version in December. Again, in this context, new updates to the game continue to come, and with these updates, the scope and content of this game is further expanded.

The biggest update of the game is waiting for us in October and a huge content stack is transferred to us. On Steam page there is an early access release price from 230 Turkish liras. The price of the early access version is currently fixed with the full version. So if you like these games you can browse this game and give you a chance. If you say that you will play the game in the future, it is worth adding it to your library.

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