With a balloon in the game, we will try to eliminate the flying items that are filled with us. We will try to eliminate the evil kingdom of the underground world, which will be in a huge underground cave and in the world in this adventure platform game we are jumping.In a world where evil is dominated in the game and here people will actually try to recover from this bad situation and try to overcome various platform challenges and puzzles in this esna. There will also be different types of enemy in this game where around the chaosa drags and the different underground creatures and environmentalities arise. Among the enemy typings, there will be many different types of objects that follow us from light strains.

</ There will also be areas where the enemies are collected and the midges are dragged. For example, we were thrown in a field and there will be a variety of enemy types and more that follow us both the light cottage that follows us. The enemy shots from the left of the right are one of the details that we have made our ignition – and more will cause the midges to drift kaosa. That’s how many formations and the midst of the movement will be met as a reason for the discovery of chaos.

We can take steps towards randomly created places in this underground world where we are thrown into different regions and road to different adventures and try different elements in each area. We can solve various puzzles in the game and stay in case of trusting our mind to lower various puzzles. There are a variety of moves against puzzles again in the game, while solving these parts, we can remove various types of enemies, and we are able to perform various movements to lower them. There are still endless types of battle cycles and endless enemy in the game. They are constantly going to come to our top and we’re trying to come out here at a moment. We are trying to both solve these parts and lower enemies. So we try to do three movements in one way.

In this game where we can reveal a number of mystery, the chaos theme is processed. Fire between the moves we will do in the game, launch the goods, use our super powers, strain towards upwards, move left to the right and more. What we will do in the game will be on the top that is constantly planted, and somehow we will try to come out from this region. Again in the game you can collect various special items to subcate enemies and solve puzzles, and with these special items, we can develop our capabilities and character, and so that you can effectively overcome enemies and puzzles. Beyond the Long Night will have different characters in each region and you can interact with these characters. With these characters we interact with, you can get tasks from them and include side tasks. These side tasks are of course, so that they will be met as optional, they will be completely connected to us. But I can say that side tasks will be linked to the main story tasks, so doing these tasks can be better than our angle.

We will try to survive from one side of course when you are trying to perform tasks on one hand. We will often come up with enemy groups and enemies and remain in the case of making various moves to lower them. In the game there will be a view of the camera looking on and with this perspective, the camera will sometimes be close and away, this situation will, of course, depending on the environment and the action situation we are located.

We can find various objects from around the game and do various upgrades with these objects. If you want these upgrades, we can keep them continuously in our inventory and collect them endless numbers. With these elements that we have collected endless numbers, we can make various combinations and come to overcome enemies with these combinations. We can shoot in the game, move object to the right, and fly towards upwards.

<br/br/b='http://img.bolumsonucanavari.com The game is currently open on Steam page and you can add it to your request list via Steam page and you can get a notification of the day the game is released. It’s not possible to keep in touch with your request list. If you like a puzzle platform action game that you drag this style kaosa, you can give you a chance to do this.

– Harvest Island (14 April: farming, adventure, mystery, discovery)

Developed by Yobob team and published by Yobob Games, the farming, adventure, mystery, discovery game Harvest Island comes on 14 April. In this adventure game with pixel art from top to top, there are also elements of farming simulation. In this construction, we are able to make a farm of ourselves, break our sheep, provide our cows and get milk from them so we can experience full farming simulation elements. On the one hand, a wide world is offered to us. We can explore and explore around the world, reveal various secrets and do more.

It is possible to take steps into other regions in this construction, which includes both farming simulation and exploration elements, and discovering them completely is our job. In the game you can visit other small islands, we are able to friendship with different animals and characters. There are many live creatures that can interact in different places and different regions.With these creatures, we are able to collect various items, we can search for tasks and discover various items. We are trying to learn how the story to offer us in the game together with the items we have obtained.

On the one hand, we are able to enter the seasides in this game, which will come to us with a rough structure. In the game there are crabs, turtles, shrimps and more in the seasides, i.e. a large number of live types that we can encounter in the game will be waiting for us. So we can explore both around ourselves and experience this world offered to us.

In the game, Will is taking the role of a child character, with this character, you can explore the island, help travel the island and keep it from hand. We have a sister from one side and on the other side. With them, we can explore and travel around the island. More details will be waiting for us as they appear in the game. In the game you will still be able to go to other regions, there will be a theme of each region and will take place in the night and day cycle. Night and day cycle will only be in the form of change of dark atmosphere and lights.

We can collect various items and objects while discovering around this construction with pixel graphics, we can skip to our inventory of these items and objects we collect, and these items can also be nominated for gods. I said above that a different structure is adopted from one side. Here I’m curious about how to offer content to us thanks to this mechanical. We do not know for the moment that we are assigned to Gods and will give us the advantages, we will always see together.

As I mentioned above in the game, many types are actually blended in this game. Both exploration elements are both adventure and simulation elements. There are a lot to do in this game where many types are blended. That’s why we will explore around, switch to other regions, and travel to the seasides as well as collect various sea creatures, fishing on sea edges or lake edges. There are many types of fish that we can collect and capture in the game again, I can say that you can set up a farm of ourselves and more in this game.

<img src=" According to the developer team mentioned, the movements of living creatures in the game are completely variable depending on the natural life in that moment. So if a fish swims in a shallow lake, the movements of this fish are shaped accordingly and we are forced to keep it too, or we can keep it more comfortable.Let’s look at how to get involved in the game of mechanicals will be presented to us. The game, of course, comes as a simulation of farming in the first place. Thus, the game tries to transfer a wide content to us to present the simulation of farming. The game is actually involved in the simulation of farming in its basic structure, it adds discovery and adventure elements to the addition of the simulation of farming, so it tries to offer us an open world. Thanks to this world, we can find a variety of elements and elements by discovering around the other hand, which provides our own migration. We create a world that belongs to ourselves with both exploration adventure and farming elements. In the game you can still go around, it is possible to enter the forests along with the balls, as well as to ourselves, we are able to make stairs and various tools.


</b0-c386fa1 As I mentioned above in the game, there is a godle event, this ddak mana event comes with objects that we find around in the game. According to the developer team mentioned, this mechanical actually offers us a structure located on the basis of the game. Thus, the way to process can vary depending on each player in the game.

If you are going to be short, a large content structure in the game will be waiting for us. Pixel graphics will build a farm that belongs to ourselves in the adventure farming game looking from this top, we can make different harvests together in this farm – we can provide our own background. We can explore around the topic we have farmed, sail to new regions, explore around various elements and items that can be collected, these items we collect can also be nominated as a lag to the gods, and we can earn various bonuses in the island. This night and day cycle, which will have a night and day cycle in the game, will try to make us feel. So at night from the strokes of the sunlight in the daytime we can benefit from the cottages of the moonlight and continue this way to our way.

<img src='http://img.bolumsonucanavari.com/images/Upload/742b260f-f37e88-a89b-dda57615a1c.jpg'

<img src=" As I mentioned above in the game, we will take part in the child of a family. On the other hand, we will produce new tools and tools together with various elements that we find around. We can fishing from the seas and lakes we found in the game. In addition, a dynamic air system will be included in the game. With this air system, it can be rained together or sun-opened, while passing, it can gradually increase or reduce rain intensity. These transitions will actually try to feel to us.

In this game you can interact with different animals and characters in this game where there are many things to do – we will be able to have friends with them and perform various activities. Any action or violent content in the game will not be found mechanical. Therefore, a structure that we can spread to our back and play comfortably will be waiting for us.In the game you will be able to walk around comfortable, step into different regions, encounter new types of living, try to learn what is to them and do more. Lives that we can explore a wide world in the game will be waiting for us.

You can also give you a chance to make farming and fishing on the one hand if you like a pixel graphics exploration adventure games. The game is prepared to meet with lovers of play on 14 April. You can currently add Steam page in the open case and to your request list. When you add to your request list, you can get a notification of the day it comes out. Notifications often drop to your email address, if you have a mobile app, you can also come to your face in the form of notification.

– GHOSTWARE: Arena of the Dead (12 April: shooter, action, science fiction)

<iframe src="httpsscreen="https://www.youtube.com/embed/WcHNjtrJC4s" title="Ghost="https="https="https="https="https="https="https="https="https="https="get" src="""image=""""""""""image=""""""""""https="https="https=""""""""https="https=""https="https="https="https="https="""https=""https="https="https="https="https="https="http://www.com/image="image="http://www Developed by Daev Team and published by Hyperstrange, shooter, action, science fiction game GHOSTWARE: Arena of the Dead, 12 April, we are preparing to meet with game lovers. In this shooter action game inspired by 1990s and has old-style graphics, we will be waiting for a quick action and adventure structure. In the game, both retro style and shooter style will be blended together, and we will log in to a arena style shooter game in this construction.

We will play as a character named Molly in this game where we try to escape from our past and we are able to lower enemies that come across. With this character, we will log in to a great action and adventure, and try to subcate enemies that come across. In the game you will find old-style graphics, and we will try to clean it by eliminating enemies that come along with such graphics. The structure of the game can not appeal to each player, so this game can be insufficient for those who like old-style graphics, and want to have an more innovative structure. This game can be insufficient.

In the game, we are talking about stories in the background. We are trying to escape from our history under this story and we try to survive in this way. There are several choices that we can do in the game and we can choose yourself the way we will go together with these selections. There are different arena parts in the game, with the parts of this arena, we are able to narrow the midst with the weapons we hand.

<img='http://img. In the game, we can take many types of weapons from single weapons to scan weapons with different science fiction theme from ice guns to weapons and try to subcate enemies in the middle. In the game, there are also a challenge of parking except the enemies we killed with weapons. In order to overcome these spatial challenges, we can jump from left to right and walk a muddet on the walls. There are also boss battles except for normal enemies from the game. To overcome these boss battles, we also need to move very quickly and we have to escape right to left. It seems quite fun to lower these bosses in the game and I can say that it exhibits a more Quake style game structure to us.

In this game, aiming to provide a single-player gaming experience to us, we are trying to survive with these adventures. In the game there are various sections from different dungeons, rooms and more. Platform challenges in the game, as well as enemies in different styles. Each of these enemies has different features and skills. We need to learn how they are attacking and moving first to subcate them, so then you are able to subcate these enemies easily. There are many types of weapons from pumped rifles to scan guns. We are able to find these types of weapons in the game.

Every part in the game aims to offer us a different experience. We are trying to lower the enemies that come across in these parts that we transmit to Arena arena and act on our weapons. We can encounter different characters in the game and talk together with the characters that come to us. As we tell us a story in the background, we can learn this story through the characters we are talking about. I can say that character conversations are important in this game but it is important in the internal dialogues.

There are different game modes in the game and I can say that we aim to offer a full Quake experience. These modes include flag capping, zone seizure and more. So the game aims to transfer a full old-style shooter- arena experience to us.

In the game we will try to explore new regions between different places and these sections. GHOSTWARE: We can win new items in the fields we discover in the Arena of the Dead and develop yourself with these items. We can find different types of weapons in the game from left to left, open various hidden passages, and learn what is happening in this construction. We can explore around the game and get the items and weapons that we find, from our inventory, and we can use these weapons and items against enemies. In the game there will be a variety of objects in the form of apartments that we can collect from left to right. We can add various bonuses to ourselves by taking them.

We will try to deal with different enemy types in each region, which can encounter different enemies throughout this journey. There will also be boss battles except for normal enemies in the game. These boss battles will pass harder and more gangs against normal enemies. In order to subcate Bosses, we will first need to learn their attack styles and then we will need to install them in our head where we need to attack them. Each of these bosses in the game will have different features. So you will need to analyze them first well.

Our ability to move very quickly in the game and jump – jump. So we need to use them against enemy- paotrons. We will be able to crochet the middle by acting on the weapons we have in this construction, which we are in a variety of arenas.

If you are going to be short, the game will offer us a full arena shooter experience. Because of having old-style graphics, perhaps it can not appeal to every player. So this game for lovers of innovative and new style games can not come satisfying.

In the game, we will meet various characters in old style and old images. With these characters you can interact with and interact with, these characters will give us a variety of information within the story that is described in the background and we will learn the course of the story with this information. We will have different selection parts in the game and we can change our departure with these selections. In addition to this, we will be able to switch to different regions in this adventure and discover these regions. We will find different weapons and various items in the areas we discover, we will use them against enemies by skipping them into our inventory. On the other hand, when trying to lower enemies from left right on the right, we will try to learn what is going on under the story.

< There will be various modes as I mentioned above in the game. This game modes will take place in the flag capping and region.In the game, flag tiger will already be on the top of the name to bring to your own region. I can say that this construction aims to offer my gay experience.

If you like these old action shooter games, you can take a look at this construction and give you a chance. On April 12, the game is preparing to meet with lovers of games and will be released in the early access version. A number of errors can be found in the early access version. So we need to report these errors into the developer team. After making feedback, the developer team will fix these errors and add new mechanicals to the game. There is no information about how long the early access version is, but I guess that it will stay at least 5-6 months of early access.

– Voodolls (13 April: tower defense, online, strategy)

Tower defense developed by SideRift and broadcast by Tate Multimedia, online, strategy game Voodolls comes on 13 April. In this game, unlike classic tower defense games, we try to defend our own area and region with a third-person camera view angle, and try to subcate dark and mysterious enemies from our game. This tower that we can play both single-player and online peer is trying to come across enemies from different regions in the defense strategy game, we try to defend the area located in our own region and survive here.

Woodo babies are familiar with fear games in the game. In this construction with action strategy elements, this woodo is trying to lower babies and strive to defend ourselves and our region against them. A colorful theme in the game is adopted. So both environmental and characters and atmospheres are completely colored. I can say one of the interesting sides of the game.

In the game, the classic tower defense structure does not take place, in normal conditions, tower defense games often come across the top-looking region as a defense, but in this game, third-party camera controls a character with a view angle, with this character, we try to subcate enemy groups and enemies, and try to defend our territory. There are many moves that we will do in the game, with this move, we took woodo dolls that come together, and we send them back to where it comes to.

</ On the one hand, there are horrible enemies, and in this game where strange typings are located, we can take our friend together with our own character, and with our friends, we can defend this region. In this game where we can play with both single-player and online, it is of course more enjoyable to play with friends.

Different types of enemies are in this construction. Each of these enemy types has different features. In the game, we are able to see that the enemies are ran over, and we try to protect our territory with them. The region we will provide security in the game shows variableity and we try to do everything from us to protect this area. If you play a single-player structure in the game, it is more enjoyable to take place as a team with friends. When we play together with friends in the game, you can identify a strategy between us and and try to subcate enemies according to that strategy and plan. There are a variety of skills that we can use differently in the game. With these skills, we are able to manually assign mass control and eliminate enemy groups together with mass control skills, and we can easily defend our region.

In the game there is a support up to four players, meaning it is located in a region as a total of four players, and we try to defend our territory and tower. We can combine our power together with your own teammates and learn different talents. In the game, we can create a synergy with our own teammates, with this synergy, we can close our weak directions and reveal our personal skills. We are planning and strategy against the enemy groups that come across the game and we are able to easily subcate them with our team.

There are features and skills of the characters we check in the game. You can strengthen these features and skills and combine them with new items and objects. In this game you can find new weapons and get new skills. So we can create our defense together with our own character and with new skills.

There are many different types of enemies that we need to defend ourselves in the game. In this game where we will meet with different enemy types from the big to the youngest, many different types will be waiting for us from red creatures that attack as a sudden. We can build various defense tools to defend our own area and area in the game. The defense tools include turrets, traps and more. Using them will also belong to us completely.

We will determine the places of turrets we will use and install in the game so we will need to move accordingly if we want to determine a strategy and plan. With our teammates in the game, you can determine the places of these turrets and make use of these turrets according to the angle of their enemies. There are still a number of traps in the game. With these traps, you can install enemies in the ways of developing and lower them easily and slow. Classic tower has 4-5 different defense systems in the first place as in defense games.So enemy groups will first have to pass on the second defense line after passing the first defending line. So we can defend each defending line individually, and we can ensure that they do not pass from them. When they came to the last defense line, we are trying to subcate enemies and enemy groups together with a recent effort.

Again there are ignition towers and balls that we can build as a defense except for turret and traps I mentioned above. With them, your enemies are slowing down even more, and we have the chance to lower them. We stay in the event of identifying very good strategy and plans in the game. Therefore, instead of running directly on enemies, it will be more logical to determine a plan accordingly.

As we need to eliminate enemy waves in the game, we constantly need to defend the defending line well. With our friends, we need to be in a big fit. There are different regions where we need to defend in the game and the themes and structures of these regions differ from each other. For example, when hell is in the bottom and every place is red and dark, it can be immersed in the forest on the other side, and behind a green cover we try to defend our territory.

As I mentioned above in the game, there is a third-person camera view angle, but according to the developer team mentioned, these camera perspectives are added to two new modes. So there are three different camera views in the game. We can change these camera angles according to the angles of the enemies and your situation in the game and switch between them. So we can easily switch between third-person camera perspective, first-person camera view angle and other camera modes.

< In the game there is a story in the background except for the normal tower defense venue. Within this story mode, we can skip various zones and try to perform various tasks. But in such games, of course, we know that the story can remain in the background. So I can say that we can play our own region not because of this game story. This tower defense strategy action game that will output on the PC platform on April

13 seems to offer colorful and fun experience to us. If you like these games and interest, you can give you a chance to do this. If you want to open the Steam page at the moment of the game, you can add to your request list from the Steam page and be aware of this day from the game.

– Guardians Of Gaia (11 April: third party, online, fight, action)

The third-party, online, fighting, action game Guardians Of Gaia, developed by Craft Games and will be published by the same team. With colorful graphics and cartoon style characters, an online building sensations will be waiting for. In this game you will have different characters, you will be able to choose any of these characters, and you can have a door with rival players. In the game there is a PVP game mode and thanks to this game mode, we can experience various conflicts and enter into large fights.

We can get a sword to our hands in this online-oriented martial action game, talk about our yumans or shoot different objects. There are different characters in the game and each of these characters differ in their capabilities and skills. There are warriors that we can use from female characters to male character from ninja style characters to sumo characters. With these warriors, we can set up our team and cover against other players and try to survive in the game.

A high-end gaming experience is developed by an independent team, which we don’t expect and that animations meet a slightly lower level. That’s why your expectation from the game is too high, it’s possible to disappoint. Because when we look at the game’s trailers or images, the walking shapes of the characters – animations, stroke dynamics and an ambient mid-level gaming feeling, so we need to expect a high-end gaming experience. In the game, there are many different styles of warriors from the shielded warriors to a woman who holds flame bristle, and we are able to choose between these warriors. We can set up a team in the game, invite our friends to this team, and we can step into a wide world with these friends. We are able to meet different types of enemies in the game and wrap them into the talents we have. There are a variety of creatures that we can kill in a row except for normal players in the game. It is completely our job to subcate them.

Guardians Of Gaia can still collect something from around and use them to our advantage. In the game, you can create a team up to 4 people and invite our 3 friends to our most. Again, the team against the same way goes up to 4 people, so we can get a four team battle experience in the dör. There is a third-party camera view angle in the game and you can check our character conveniently.A number of different characters in the game is able to choose between and these battles.

We are trying to survive on one hand in this action adventure game based on the other hand, and try to eliminate the creatures in both other players and games. There are different features and skills of each character in the game. With these features, we can use our bristle to attack from our shield and more. There are many characters that we can use in the game and it is also completely owned by us.

We are trying to dominate this arenaya with our own team in this struggle where we are thrown in the game, and with other players, we can enter a big fight. There are a variety of round objects in the game again around, namely cores, we are fighting to eliminate these cores. In the game, we can shoot different creatures in the breeze, and who exploded and eliminates these cores, the team 1-0 starts ahead.
Our main goal was to eliminate the nucleus in the game, in this game, it is trying to dominate these zones after eliminating crystals that can eliminate different crystals, and we start to subcate other team players, so the main purpose that we are trying to handle both the region domination and eliminate the cores is actually that.

In the game, we are able to get different experiences and spoilers in each battle and use them. There are different skills of our character again in the game and we can upgrade these skills and unlock new skills. In order to unlock new skills in the game, it is necessary to go out from battles and we are able to get a variety of ganims and weapons from battles where we go. In the game we can hand different weapons and install them, and we can also come against competing players.

The game is completely our job to use weapons and weapons in different styles. In the game you can master on a weapon, and we can combine new skills on different weapons, this is completely up to us. So we can determine our own style in the game and start fighting in this game by taking our character accordingly.

Guardians Of Gaia has different regions and arenas. Living in these regions and arenas can be a bit challenging. In this game there are many different regions from the rivers to the grassy and sunny regions from the snowy regions. The theme of each of these regions is differently encountered and we can see that it changes around. In the game, each region has its own challenges and overcome these challenges is completely left to us. On the other hand, we are not moving environmental factors on the other hand while trying to eliminate the seeds on one hand.So we can find attacked creatures and try to eliminate these creatures.

On the other hand, we are able to door together with competing players. We can try different weapons and customizations in the game and unlock new skills with these customizations. In the game, we can use our own advantage and perform special attacks. During the struggle we can change weapons, switch to new weapons, and in the middle of the game, we can actually perform these changes.

Many features and content will be waiting for us as I mentioned above in this game where tactical and strategy is important. We set up a team in the game where we need to relax in short, this team consists of 4 people – there is also a team of 4 people and together with the team. With this team, we put various tasks together, among these tasks, eliminating the cores that are around and living against them. While there are still no such cores in the game, the grafted creatures can attack and the players are trying to destroy this nucleus from the other side.

</ Because two teams try to destroy the kernel in this way, both midges are interconnected, and they do not get involved in this work, so they are turning into the midfield battle area. There are different regions and arenas in the game. These arenas differ from each other. There are several characters that we can choose again and use, we can bring new weapons and skills to these characters. If you want this action fighting game, which will output on

11 April, you can also add your request list via Steam page and you can get a notification on the day it is out. As I said above in the game, we can already understand it from animations and designs of characters.



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