In the game where we are located in a fantastic island, there are different and diverse enemy content from the wonders to creatures. We can also have new resources and equipment. As I mentioned above to explore around the game, we can guide our leading groups and lead groups are of course a certain number. The moves we do in the game are of course very important. Because we can place our own strategy in that direction, if we want to turn to jealousy, and we want to strengthen the economy, especially if we are trying to make economical moves from there and so we can deliver our economy to stronger and high levels. So the selection setting of this is completely up to you.

There are many groups that can solve our problems in the game and fulfill our orders. We are able to strengthen our own region. Apart from this, the decisions we make in the game are very important and we can see these decisions in the game. It is a structure that we can enter the production process in the game and we can do every product by one hand, and we try to find our own place and yurd in this game world.

We are able to collect our region and explore new lands, to play useful resources and reveal the hidden secrets of thisra. In short, there is a nice city building and simulation elements in the game and we are waiting for the game on 13 December. As we mentioned above, the game is preparing to come up with the early access version and it is expected to be found in the early access process of the game. This version of course does not know when to end. If you like these games, the game is currently Steam page is open and you can add to your request list via Steam page and you can get a notification when the game outputs.

Game fragman



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